A complete range of corking machines and/or turrets

CORKMATIC R - natural or synthetic straight corks

CORKMATIC S - mushroom corks

CORKMATIC R/S - natural or synthetic straight and mushroom corks

Main characteristics

  • The machines are available as standalone units or as turrets in the cylinder block.
  • Turrets made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Top structure without hopper and with Pick&Place cock timing gear system.System for lateral feeding of corks. This system has been tested and is also reliable at high-production speeds. The system is perfect for eliminating dust produced by the hopper. It can handle any type of cork, even pre-oriented.
  • Steel head control cam.
  • Electrical height adjustment of the turret.
  • Rapid tool-free disassembly of the cork compression cylinder heads, cork lowering tubes and bottle hoppers.
  • Adjustable cork compression.
  • Bottle lifting pistons and plunger holder without lubrication.