Introduced to the market for the first time in 2007, the MBF Superbloc® is still a revolutionary technological solution. Since its introduction, it has become a benchmark in the bottling market. Boasting worldwide installations, the Superbloc® is a compact, comprehensive and customizable bottling line that integrates rinser, filler, corker/capper, capsuler and labeler in a single machine. It provides consistent production and increased technical/economic performance, compared to a traditional line.

The absence of conveyors and buffers helps to reduce the space required for the bottling operation. Simple to use and maintain due to synchronized maintenance of the entire plant, the Superbloc® provides full traceability of the bottle during every phase of the process. This traceability helps ensure constant control and the highest quality of the final bottled product. It also offers an easy processing of bottles with non-standard shapes and the possibility of discarding bottles without performing subsequent steps. The applied system for driving the bottles during processing prevents any contact between the bottles themselves, drastically decreasing the noise of the system.

The Superbloc® also reduces installation and startup time, as well as  downtime and changeover times, and does not require highly specialized staff. The Superbloc® is also built with an eye toward energy savings. All components employ the latest technology that helps increase efficiency, save energy consumption, and reduce environmental impact.