Cold glue labelling

Unit for medium productions at speeds of up to 25.000 b/h, for large productions at speeds of up to 45.000 b/h and very long, even wraparound labels. Enables up to 320-mm processing.


  • 10” touch screen to control and regulate the labeller.
  • 18” touch screen to control and regulate the labeller with built-in quality control.
  • Easy label reel change over.
  • Bottle change without tooling.
  • Vision Control: a quality control system enabling the precision of the pack to be verified and faulty containers to be rejected.
  • Feedscrew motorised and controlled by a brushless motor with the function of the container infeed gate lock device with torque control.


Optical centering • exclusive patent

Launched on the market in 2014, the Follower, a patent from Makro Labelling, is a bottle-guide module mounted on the labeller enabling the labels to be applied in precise positions with respect to a reference on the bottle. This is achieved using drastically fewer sensors (1 compared to 10 for example) than in traditional systems, allowing the end customer to significantly reduce format change times. Already available on the market, the new version introduces two important innovations. Carbon fibre which reduces bending and the weight of the structure to increase the production speeds achievable and a line scan camera producing an image which is already complete and distortion-free when it reaches the viewing software where it is analysed to identify the notch. Most of the complexity of traditional systems involving “straightening” and gluing of various images is thus eliminated at the root.