A complete range of rinsing machines and/or turrets.




The three versions come with Tronic® mechanical or electronic control.

Main characteristics

  • The machines are available as standalone units or as turrets in the cylinder block.
  • They can be equipped with:
    - solution or rinsing product recovery systems
    - water microfiltration systems for rinsing
    - blowing air microfiltration systems
    - automatic production and mixing systems for the sterilizing agents (ozone, SO2, etc.).
  • Treatments can be combined using different liquids, in which case, the liquids are kept separate before injection.

Mechanical version

The machine runs at a rate determined by the set production speed.

Tronic® version

  • Optimized treatment times, regardless of the speed of the machine and in relation to the format of the bottle/product in use.
  • Minimal consumption of the rinsing product.
  • Quicker format change.
  • Complete flexibility for other new products.