A complete range of filling machines and/or turrets for flat products such as wine, distillates, liquors, water and juices, to be filled at ambient temperature and/or at heat in either glass or PET bottles.

FILLMATIC LV low-vacuum

FILLMATIC ULV ultra low-vacuum


The three versions come with Tronic® mechanical or electronic control.
The electronic control offers the option of customizing and saving the work parameters for each kind of product and bottle. The overall machine is much simpler with lighter external mechanics and cams in its normal version.
Pneumatic drives electronically control the opening of the filling valve circuits.

Main characteristics

  • The machines are available as standalone units or as turrets in the cylinder block.
  • Bowl made entirely out of AISI 304 stainless steel (or AISI 316 on request) with all surfaces machined and mirror-polished. Fully drainable.
  • Capacitive probe for controlling the level of liquid in the bowl, with 4-20 mA/0-10V proportional signal for controlling the product feed pump.
  • Vacuum system with centrifugal blower, vacuum gauge and vacuum control valve.
  • The shape and size of the pipes and distributor are designed to guarantee constant speed and stability of the product.
  • Rotating distributor with surfaces of extreme hardness.
  • Bottle lifting cylinders with spring mechanism made of AISI 304 maintenance-free stainless steel. A pneumatic version is also available for handling PET bottles.
  • Quick and easy bottle/product change.
  • No part of the turret requires lubrication.
  • Easy to run, minimal maintenance.